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Effects of electromagnetic fields

This research line deals about the study of low intensity and frequency magnetic fields effects on yeast cells. It is focused to search for dose-response relationships and interaction mechanisms at the cellular level

Molecular radiobiology

This discipline is of vital importance in the study of the effects of radiation at molecular level as well as the study of the molecular mechanisms implicated in DNA damage repair

Cellular aging

Both replicative and chronological cell aging and its relationship with the effects of magnetic fields, drug and radiation resistance mechanisms as well as metabolic alterations is an important line of work

Molecular markers

The search for molecular markers of resistance to antineoplastic drugs, radiation and cellular aging is one of the most important objectives of this research group

Biological and environmental dosimetry

This line of research aims to search for biological study methods that allow the identification and quantification of toxic agents and their effects

Radiation and BioArchitecture

The conditions of the environment in which we live are key to our health. Both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation play an important role in the urban environment. BioArchitecture is a key piece in the adaptaton of the urban environment to minimize the harmful effects of physical agents.



New proteins related to cisplatin resistance

Selected papers


Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 105(2021)1965-77

Int J Radiat Biol 95(2019)1588-96

J Biosci 42(2017)219-30

Int J Radiat Biol 86(2010)602-11

Int J Radiat Biol 81(2005)483-90


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Grupo CTS-181 (PAIDI), Junta de Andalucía


Departamento de Radiología y Medicina Física - Facultad de Medicina - Universidad de Málaga. Bulevar Louis Pasteur 32, 29071 Málaga (Spain)

Principal Investigator:   Miguel José Ruiz Gómez  -  Tel.: +34 95213 1578     Fax: +34 95213 1630